Version 1.04

foreverloops 1.4 steht bereit ..

.. mit neuen Effekt-Zahnrädern und zahlreichen Verbesserungen.
Hier nachfolgend die komplette Liste an Änderungen (Englisch):


  • new gear type for effects
    • each effect
      • has several presets
      • can be customized via radial effect parameter editor
    • FX gears can be stacked for FX-chains
    • FX priorities correspond to connection order
    • respect Leibniz semantics
    • effects can be disconnected and bybassed


  • linear Leibniz processing now propagates properly
  • drive clock is now reset when a new scene is created

Convenience changes

  • slightly adjusted color scheme
  • fix rendering for helpers
  • better label-positioning
  • automatically swith to relevant browser view on gear creation
  • additional scenes