Version 1.02

Endlich steht unser neuer Patch 1.02 bereit.

Wir haben die wichtigsten Änderungen in einem Video zusammengefasst:

Hier nachfolgend die komplette Liste an Änderungen (Englisch):


  • set drive speeds directly
    • with a new bpm-based interface
    • the old relative approach can still be used via key shortcuts, and still applies for scratch gears
  • more gear sizes / bigger stacks
    • up to 11 gears per stack
    • gears are now bigger per default
    • improved snapping
  • more segmentation settings
    • up to 64th
    • also, any value can now be set (via modifier key, default LEFT-SHIFT)
    • improved snapping
  • improved alter segmentation command
    • improved snapping
  • improved sample browser
    • faster
    • filters
    • play / stop buttons
    • search bar
    • fold-out directories
  • improved implicit gear synchronization
    • move / attach / detach / stack / unstack
    • play / pause
    • gear deadlocks
    • gear scratching


  • bpm based gear speeds
  • gear__s that are created on top of a __stack now assume the next possible size
  • show the actual relative gear size when a gear is resized
  • automatically import save scene folders
  • more zoom steps
  • selecting samples from gear events is now possible
  • visually indicate scratch gear activeness
  • explicit drive synchronization to global clock
  • better gear / event information
  • use LRU speed when creating drives
  • tag unavailable samples (load old scene where used samples are no longer available)
  • modifier and group modifier key for various actions


  • made our file system implementation based on utf8
  • frame-rate no longer drops dramatically when a sample is hovered
  • a display bug concerning sample volumes no longer occurs
  • specific format errors no longer occur with log entries
  • ensure proper gear distances on gear creation
  • avoid audio clicks in normal-speed scratch gears
  • a rare graph bug that could damage the topology no longer occurs
  • fix anti aliasing
  • fix synchronization after scratching interaction
  • fix create gear highlight targets
  • fix resize gear issue
  • fix rotation synchronization after scratching
  • fix gear graph-related crashes
  • fix issue where scratch gears would still play when stopped or deleted
  • fix context menu placement after zooming / panning
  • fix panning / moveTree interaction ambiguities
  • fix intro not being shown due to timing issues
  • fix rare crash when loading scenes due to timing issues
  • fix gear highlighting in conjunction with stack-creation
  • fix issues when changing to language with a different character set

Other changes

  • less demanding performance profiles
  • alternate sampler visualization
  • avoid __audio clipping__s via floating point precision, if possible
  • capture audio as .flac files
  • improve overall simulation precision
  • remove scratch gear configuration options
  • remove default drive speed configuration option