Version 1.03

foreverloops 1.3 ist verfügbar:

Die Highlights sind MIDI-Unterstützung, neue Samples, und viele Convenience-Features.

Hier nachfolgend die komplette Liste an Änderungen (Englisch):


  • MIDI
    • new gear type for MIDI
      • MIDI gear editor (circular piano roll)
    • SoundFont based MIDI rendering
      • foreverloops is shipped with the General User GS SoundFont (1.471) by S. Christian Collins
    • SoundFont import
    • support for MIDI input devices
      • option to remap external note inputs to full velocity
    • customizable virtual MIDI keyboard
    • looped and loose recording (combinable with un- / synched mode)
    • quantization / quantized recording
  • sample replace
    • select events using the same sample and replace (for single or all gears)
  • clock reset
    • rewind scene playback
  • solo mode
    • play gears individually
    • can be applied to gears, stacks, and trains (combinable with mute)
  • shortcut window
    • show currently available shortcuts
  • shortcut for adding sample folders recursively (optionally)


  • new samples
    • 100 Samples from the TrapLife Stellar pack (by Phil Gallardo)

  • faster and tidier media browser
  • additional scenes
  • restore last used screen resolution / position on startup
  • additional shortcuts for several commands (e.g. gear sizes)


  • various filesystem fixes
  • fix interactions of several ongoing commands
  • avoid crashes when loading scenes with unavailable samples
  • audio-level visualization fixes (separate channel visualization)
  • fix rare video-decoding crashes
  • fix rare sample loading issues / deadlocks

Other changes

  • reduced OpenGL core profile (3.3 instead of 4.3)
  • xml based scene saves (instead of binary format)
  • xml-based scene layout file (now includes user sample and SoundFont paths)
  • increased foreverloops samples' level
  • ensure widgets are visible after __screen resolution change__d
  • consistent naming of several operations
  • anti-aliasing fixes

Known issues

  • MIDI keyboard:
    • window size changes on mouse wheel scroll for larger / smaller keys
  • Gear graph:
    • creating gears via menu bar sometimes retriggers currently active events