Play around with music

Compose, perform, record - create and experience music from a new perspective!
Our one-of-a-kind interface based on gears lets you shape music as it plays, arrange rhythmic loops together with melodies, or compose audio visual collages that thrive to the beat.

Use and combine mechanical principles with our beginner friendly approach, experiment with its endless possibilities, and tape up your real-time performances!

Key Features

powerful sequencer

  • unlimited tracks
  • individually adjustable gear segments
  • different sizes
  • adjustable track offsets
  • different concurrent playback speeds
  • audio, video, images, and MIDI
  • cut out for polyrhythms and polymeters

playful and beginner-friendly

  • easy to use but also deep in complexity
  • new perspective on music / media composition
  • real-time simulation
  • rewarding and fun experience
  • many performance capabilities
  • programmable logic

intuitive interface

  • based on gear mechanics
    • group and relate tracks by forming gear trains
  • automatic track synchronization
  • four distinct gear types

and much more

Basic information

Target groups

  • playful creatives and creative gamers
  • musicians, sound designers, video artists
  • parents who encourage their children with educational games and software


foreverloops scene
fullscreen video
foreverloops rhythms
foreverloops MIDI