Music meets STEM meets Play

foreverloops unites music, creativity and play with mathematics, logics and physics.

Rotating samplers

It affords a unique toolbox for the composition of media. A central feature of foreverloops is the representation of sequences as gears :

  • the differences and interactions of multiple meters and tempi are displayed via mechanical transmissions in an intuitive manner, inviting experimentation.
  • Melodic and rhythmic motives can be experienced immediately and interactively. Pupils are able to create accompaniments for instruments or even entire songs incrementally.
  • The gear metaphor provides a structuring element: polyphonic tracks can be interlinked very easily.
  • Although individual rhythms can be represented in multiple ways, excellent comparability concerning the following features is provided: entropy, intonation, accentuation, and base rhythm.
  • foreverloops is easy to learn and encourages experimentation and self-expression, but also provides space for more advanced contents, such as polyrhythms or polymeters. The ability to read music is no necessary requirement.

foreverloops in education

foreverloops is well qualified to teach, create, and experience rhythms, rhythmic motives and musical sequences.


Contents of the school subjects music education and media competency can be practiced and exercised in a playful manner, especially in the following spheres of activity: playing music, listening and conceiving, editing and arranging, inventing, informing and reflecting, as well as dynamic competencies. Complementary topics concerning media competency are addressed, including image processing, sampling, and signal processing.

Trains and transmission

In addition, topics of computer sciences, physics and mathematics are addressed, as rhythms and sequences are represented in a new, but also very formal manner that is closely related to mathematical fractions. This representation can be experienced interactively, and provides the foundations for a playful but also practicable examination.

Another aspect is the analysis of rhythmic structures and their interdisciplinarity and ubiquity: besides music they manifest in natural as well as in mechanical processes, in biological structures, in mathematical series, or in information processing. Hence, foreverloops supports different media: images, movies and clips, musical notes and audio samples can be processed and correlated in real time.

Mixed samples and MIDI


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