plans for the future

After many years of passionate work on foreverloops, we have finally released it as our first product.
We are very happy with all the features included in foreverloops and, even better, we believe there is still much untapped potential.

features, versions, extensions

Next steps:

  • create an OSX version
  • media browser upgrade (directory folding, preview for video and images,…)

Future development:

  • continue our work on a mobile foreverloops version
  • add real-time effects for audio, video, and images
  • include additional mechanical components and gear types
    • such as programmable logic gears
  • create a special kids’ version
  • add capabilities for interconnecting with other software (VST, Rewire, MIDI, OSC, Spout)

discuss with us

Right now, we are convinced that you are best trusted with the choice what to do next. Become a part of foreverloops, and discuss with us: