foreverloops is a music and video authoring tool for creating beats and loops, melodies and sounds. Freely arrange loops of music, video and images on virtual gears to stack and connect them. Start immediately and learn by playing.

foreverloops BEATS

The core version of foreverloops, focusing on rhythms. Supports drive and sequencer gears.
Features include unlimited tracks, import of audio, video and image samples, export as audio and video. foreverloops BEATS ships with 270 samples.

foreverloops LONGPLAY

Arrange rhythmic loops together with melodies. Provides five different gear types: drives, sequencers, but also scratch, MIDI and effect gears. foreverloops LONGPLAY includes a powerful circular MIDI editor, supports external input devices, and ships with 18 effects as well as 339 samples.

foreverloops STUDIO

Everything foreverloops has to offer: all the features of the LONGPLAY version, plus ASIO, MIDI out, SPOUT sending, and VST3 effects and instruments. Includes a total of 386 samples. foreverloops STUDIO is sold as an upgrade, it extends and requires foreverloops LONGPLAY.

Custom licenses

We offer custom volume licenses, mainly for educational establishments and teaching facilities: Education.

If you are interested in a site license, please get in touch:


Runs on Windows 7 (or higher) with a DirectX 10 compatible graphics card and a sound card. A detailed list of minimum and recommend system requirements can be found here.