Play around with music

  • compose, perform, record
  • create and experience music from a new perspective
  • arrange rhythmic loops together with melodies

play around with music

Beginner friendly

  • game-like user interface
  • easy to use, but also deep in complexity
  • learning by playing

easy for beginners

Compose with MIDI

  • use external MIDI devices
  • freeform and loop recording
  • circular note editor


Perform in real-time

  • replace samples on-the-fly
  • shape beats as they play
  • connect, mute, set solo, speed up, ...


Experiment with rhythms

  • explore and combine beats
  • smooth speed changes with genre hints
  • compose polyrhythms and polymeters

play listen experiment

Create rhythmic videos

  • arrange music along pics and videos
  • adjust video playback speed and direction
  • put music and video in sync

av collage


  • audio visual collages that thrive to the beat
  • sound sculptures and rhythmically composed visuals
  • electronic, ambient, trip hop, techno, house, dub, ...

av collage

Unique user interface

  • one-of-a-kind interface based on gears
  • combine and play with mechanical principles
  • endless possibilities

av collage


  • experiment with FX gears
  • customize FX parameters in real time
  • apply / remove FX chains while performing


VST3 host

  • load external VST3 effects and instruments
  • use 3rd party editors
  • combine VST3 plugins with MIDI gears


Import your own library

  • audio: mp3, wav, flac, ogg, aiff, aif, wmv, sfz, sf2
  • image: bmp, exif, gif, png, jpg, bpm
  • video: mp4, flv, avi, mov, wmv, mp3, ogv

import samples


  • scratching
  • neat sample library
  • and much more

scratch like a DJ