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Finally, our new patch is live on Steam.

We have prepared a brief overview as a video:


  • set drive speeds directly
    • with a new bpm-based interface
    • the old relative approach can still be used via key shortcuts, and still applies for scratch gears
  • more gear sizes / bigger stacks
    • up to 11 gears per stack
    • gears are now bigger per default
    • improved snapping
  • more segmentation settings
    • up to 64th
    • also, any value can now be set (via modifier key, default LEFT-SHIFT)
    • improved snapping
  • improved alter segmentation command
    • improved snapping
  • improved sample browser
    • faster
    • filters
    • play / stop buttons
    • search bar
    • fold-out directories
  • improved implicit gear synchronization
    • move / attach / detach / stack / unstack
    • play / pause
    • gear deadlocks
    • gear scratching


  • bpm based gear speeds
  • gears that are created on top of a stack now assume the next possible size
  • show the actual relative gear size when a gear is resized
  • automatically import save scene folders
  • more zoom steps
  • selecting samples from gear events is now possible
  • visually indicate scratch gear activeness
  • explicit drive synchronization to global clock
  • better gear / event information
  • use LRU speed when creating drives
  • tag unavailable samples (load old scene where used samples are no longer available)
  • modifier and group modifier key for various actions


  • made our file system implementation based on utf8
  • frame-rate no longer drops dramatically when a sample is hovered
  • a display bug concerning sample volumes no longer occurs
  • specific format errors no longer occur with log entries
  • ensure proper gear distances on gear creation
  • avoid audio clicks in normal-speed scratch gears
  • a rare graph bug that could damage the topology no longer occurs
  • fix anti aliasing
  • fix synchronization after scratching interaction
  • fix create gear highlight targets
  • fix resize gear issue
  • fix rotation synchronization after scratching
  • fix gear graph-related crashes
  • fix issue where scratch gears would still play when stopped or deleted
  • fix context menu placement after zooming / panning
  • fix panning / moveTree interaction ambiguities
  • fix intro not being shown due to timing issues
  • fix rare crash when loading scenes due to timing issues
  • fix gear highlighting in conjunction with stack-creation
  • fix issues when changing to language with a different character set

other changes:

  • less demanding performance profiles
  • alternate sampler visualization
  • avoid audio clippings via floating point precision, if possible
  • capture audio as .flac files
  • improve overall simulation precision
  • remove scratch gear configuration options
  • remove default drive speed configuration option


The first foreverloops patch is online:

  • features
    • gear snapping (enabled via modifier key, default LEFT-SHIFT)
    • step-wise alter rotation offset mode (enabled via modifier key, default LEFT-SHIFT)
    • gear-wise volume editing (enabled via modifier key, default LEFT-SHIFT)
  • convenience
    • create new gears with most recent segmentation count set
  • fixes
    • improved filesystem access stability
    • improved key binding capabilities
    • start-up warning in case outdated graphics card driver was detected
    • better error logging (log file can be found at MyDocuments/foreverloops/log.txt)


Our facebook page is online…


foreverloops is available on Steam:


foreverloops workshop in Vienna, in cooperation with The workshop is free of charge, but the number of participants is limited to 15. Held by Georg Steinfelder.


foreverloops VJ artist battle at Today’s GameStage event at the Ars Electronica Center (20:15 - 21:45).


The foreverloops Steam store page is online:

2017-10-13 && 2017-10-14 && 2017-10-15

foreverloops is shown at the GameCity in the FM4 Indie Area.

2017-09-15 && 2017-09-16

foreverloops is exhibited at the Play Austria faire.


Our homepage is online…

2017-07-06 && 2017-07-07

Let your kids experience foreverloops at the ZOOM Children’s Museum as part of the reversed festival.


foreverloops workshop @KinderUni.

2017-06-15 && 2017-06-16 && 2017-06-17

foreverloops is shown @Sonar+D as part of the Diffractive Interfaces research platform:


foreverloops is a registered trade mark.


foreverloops-workshop for composers and musicians at the Anton Bruckner Private University Upper Austria


foreverloops got accepted into the AWS impulse XL supporter program.


foreverloops is presented at the Music with the Real symposium at the Anton Bruckner Private University Upper Austria.


foreverloops is shown and discussed at the Players as Producers symposium at the University of Art and Design.

2016-10-04 && 2016-10-05 && 2016-10-06

foreverloops design principles are presented at the Audio Mostly‘16 conference in Norrk√∂ping, Sweden:


foreverloops got accepted into the tech2b midtech supporter program.

2016-07-21 && 2016-07-22 && 2016-07-23

A foreverloops demo is shown at the Radius festival.


An early foreverloops version is shown as part of the Lange Nacht der Forschung 2016 at the University of Art and Design: