loops on gears

Gears open up amazing opportunities for exceptional audio–visual creations.

everyone knows gears
Gears are familiar—most people can visualize the behavior of mechanical gears, so…
Gears constitute an amazingly intuitive interface.

gears are for everyone
Gears establish an entertaining interaction concept that is easy to use but also deep in its complexity.
As an interface, gears delight both novices and experts with exceptional opportunities, challenges, and straightforward incentives.

playing with gears is fun
The underlying physics simulation inspires a playful and adventuresome attitude.
Playful activities and free-form experimentation stimulate engaging compositions, arrangements, and performances.
Also, by simply playing with gears you learn how to use them.

gears can produce sound and shows
Our virtual gears can be interfaced with all kinds of audio–visual materials, including your own sample library.
Tune into our stock samples with your pictures, boost your favorite music video with your voice, show your family album at the next birthday party, or set your sketches to music.

gears really are powerful
Gears, gear meshes, and gear trains facilitate unprecedented possibilities for music-making and performances.
Gear conveniences include transmission, logics, structure, implicit synchronization, and especially—rhythm.

gears draw pictures
Gear trains offer a visual orchestration that is compact and comprehensible, but also fresh and original.
They shed light upon the essence of rhythm and allow progress through experimentation.